An Aubrey Beardsley roleplaying art project using D&D BX


Olfactory is the most intimate of senses

Anyone who is anyone in the city of Mon Parier spends some of their leisure time (and significant wealth) on the Perfume Barges that float down the Averon. Aristocrats, High Clergy, Royalty and demons of high society pay a hefty fee to ride the two barges for a few hours. The barges are run by the Parfumier par Excellence, Hugo Lorenze, master of scents.

The perfumes available on each barge are exclusive and available only for the duration of the trip, after which they are incinerated.

  • Starflower: Notes of mandarin, banana and elderflower. Tinged with harrowleaf. When applied gives the wearer +1 Charisma for 3 hours. The more basic fragrance, but still sought after.
  • Moonshadow: A potent concoction formed of radiant moonlight and septimus grass. A lemony scent. The wearer is able to speak any language for 3 hours.
  • Fireglow: A curious lime green perfume that occasionally turns orange. The wearer may speak three words of sleep 'lein morrienne cortiusse'. Anyone hearing this falls into a deep sleep for 2 hours or until woken. They dream of you in a positive, often erotic way. When they awake they are drawn to you.


We are the infernal. Your vices are ours and ours yours.

The demoness Vestrenna is at the centre of the grand Court of Sycophants. The organisation is housed in the Yellow Bastille, once a fortification crafted by the Church, now a place of hedonism, vice, and occult. Members of the clergy pass through the oak doors nightly, escaping their chaste-fronted lives and delving into a world of excess and gratification. They fawn over Vestrenna, whom they call their Eternal Mistress, bringing her gifts of gold, trinkets and sacrifices.

Vestrenna has built a great network of Sycophants throughout Mon Parier – Hush Spies who recruit new Sycophants and destroy those who stand against the Court.

Vestrenna is in direct contact with the Horned One, Belenagoth, the Beast of the Wastes, the Black Star. When she first emerged into the world, her objective was to pull society into a web of vice, causing an end to civilization. But she found the task much more difficult than she anticipated. She set her sights on Mon Parier as a beginning point. Belenagoth chastises her for becoming distracted by the very hedonism she is supposed to be spreading. If she can't complete her task in the next decade, she will be destroyed.

Vestrenna, the Eternal Mistress, HD7, AC 3 (16), Atk Vile Spear (d8 + Poison), MV 120', SV as MU8.

If Vestrenna deals damage with her spear, the target must save vs poison or take an additional d6 damage.

Sycophantic Clergy HD3, AC 6 (13), Atk Flail (d8), MV 100', SV as F3.

Hush Spy HD4, AC 5 (14), Atk Rapier or Shortbow (d8), MV 120', SV as T4.

A Hush Spy gains AC-1 (+1)when fighting from the shadows.


What does the very essence of life taste like? Perhaps I'll find out.

Madame Rouge is the leader of the The Champagne Collective, a secret society of socialites who maintain their youth by drinking champagne with the blood of the proletariat.

Located beneath the arches of the Rue Dragon, in the vast wine cellar belonging to the aristocrat Norman Auldes, The Champagne Collective meets on a blood moon. Madame Rouge takes the head of each victim and places them on a consecrated table. The blood drains from the neck onto white silk and is then wrung out into a champagne decanter. In order of hierarchy, from Madame Rouge, through to Madame Vert, the congregation sips the champagne and gives thanks to the blood moon for its gift of vitality. Members of the cult live for hundreds of years, and it is rumoured that Madame Rouge is over 1000 years old.

The ritual has the following effects: * The participant will not age for another year * The participant is healed of all wounds and afflictions * The participant has +2 to Wisdom for the next week


There was no doubt that the lady was appealing, but it was her feathers that made her irresistible.

Crafted by the Worm tailors of the Avinderey Boulevard, with feathers plucked from the White Crowned peacocks of the Isle de Blanc, the Peacock Skirt is the finest garment on the market. Bejeweled with crystal oysters and catseyes, the skirt is renowned for creating an alluring aura around the wearer.

  • The wearer gains a +4 bonus to Charisma
  • Once per day the wearer may activate the alluring feather ability of the skirt. For 10 minutes, any listener asked to do something by the wearer must save vs enchantment or be forced to do that thing. This cannot include physically harming themselves.
  • The feathers give off a greenish illumination in dark places, spanning 20ft.


They who seek their reflection in The Mirror will find only doom

The Mirror of Love was crafted by the Mistress of Spleens deep within the Grand Catacombs beneath the city of Mon Parier.

Common belief in the wine bars and coffee houses in Mon Parier says that whoever gazes into the mirror will see two things: a love lost and a love yet to be.

This is false.

Those who look into the mirror become unlovable, like the Mistress herself. Their capacity to be loved is stripped away and fed to the demon within the mirror.

  • The victim's Charisma is reduced to 1.
  • Not a soul will ever love the victim and those who until now loved them, no longer do so.
  • If the Mistress of Spleens gazes into the mirror, it's powers are diminished, the mirror is destroyed and all its effects reverse. All Charisma is restored.

Mistress of Spleens, HD5, AC 4 (15), Atk rake 1d8 or special, MV 120, SV F5, C.

  • The Mistress can conceal herself in darkness for 1d4 rounds. After hitting, there is a 2 in 6 chance of damaging her.
  • She can disguise herself as any humanoid creature, mimicking their voice and mannerisms.
  • As an attack, she can vomit caustic bile at one victim 30' away, causing d8 damage and 1d4 damage for 1d8 rounds unless a save against poison is made.

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